Switch to Green Habits|Decrease Your Carbon Footprints

HOWDY Friends,

First of all Congratulations.You all Must be very happy that the world scheduled to be ending on 21 DEC 2012 according to Mayan Calender din’t happened.I know most of you had a party that night. Thats very Cool. But see there might not be an end in next thousand years , but still the way Humans are consuming the resources of the planet, we might end up making the life worse for us and for other creatures. So what I can suggest that we should take our planet seriously and by changing few of our Habits we might contribute to the safety of the environment and quality of life for everyone. Remember every single step everyone do contributes to make a HUGE Difference. So here are some Healthy Green Habits to Follow

Switch to Green Habit

  • Turning off the Tap

According to the California Energy Commission, 75% of the water we use is consumed in bathrooms. Turn OFF the Tap while you are brushing. It can save upto 8 Gallons of water a day and 240 per month. So imagine just by some little efforts you can save alot of water.

  • Switching to LED lights

These days LED lights are there in the market. They are really effective as compared to CFL’s and ordinary lamps.

Now the Numbers - An ordinary bulb consumes 60-100 Watts of power while a CFL consumes 30-40 Watts. On the other side  LED light only consumes 5-15 Watts of power so You can cut off your electricity consumption by 1/3rd  to 1/5th just by Switching to LED lights.

  • Checking for the LEAKAGE

A Leaking Tap can waste around 2900 Galloons of water every year and a running toilet can waste around 200 gallons a day. So by repairing the Leak right away can Save you plenty of it.

  • Stop Throughing your Waste

While on the Beach , Just keep in Mind not to through any Kind of Waste there, Specially Poly waste. According to a Survey , Plastic items like Fishing gears and Bags kills around 100,000 sea Mammels and countless fishes  every Year. So Please Keep in Mind Look for the your Junk while on a Beach Party.

  • Taking a Walk

Taking a Walk instead of using you Car for short Distances can Decrease Your Carbon Footprints by 10-15%. Even it is More Pleasant to Enjoy the Sun instead of Getting Strucked in a Traffic JAM.

  • Eliminate the Plastic

Cut off the Plastic Usage from your Daily Routine. Switch to Paper or Jute Bags instead of Polythene, Use Stainless Steel Water Bottles instead of Plastic. Even if You can’t eliminate some of the things just Recycle them, It counts alot.

  • Using Microwave

You Might be Surprized but Ya Reheating your Food in Microwave instead of Gas can Decrease you Energy Consumption by more than 50%. So Use Microwave more frequently.

SO THATS ALL I Got for in the New Year. I wish Most of You will take the count them and follow these GREEN HABITS in your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.