10 Ways to Go Green on Earth Day

Earth Day has been celebrated every year since 1970, and almost 40 years later, its purpose remains the same: encourage social and political action by drawing attention to the cause.If you’re one of those millions who would like to lend a hand in honor of Earth Day, you may be wondering what exactly you can do. In this article, we’ll tell you 10 great ways to celebrate Earth Day. You can make the best out of it if you are really willing to spend some time either 5 minutes or 5 hours.

  • First Step: Avoid using your Car

If you don’t have any reason to leave you car at home then this is it. There is no perfect day better than this to try . Leave your car at home . Just try it for one day . It will really help a lot. You know a single gallon of gas released 19 pounds or an equivalent of 9 kilograms of green house gases in atmosphere , and we never even think of it. So better ride a bike if you really wanna go somewhere. It will look cool and  you also can burn your calories. You on this day ride a bike , stay healthy and you will get a reason to celebrate.

  • Second Step: Plant a tree

This is a perfect day to do this. Plant a tree in your garden or in a park near your house. It will  create greenery  and will also help increasing oxygen level and decreasing green house gases in the environment thus your area will be full of fresh and health air.

  • Third step : No Bathing today

Skip the bath today. It wouldn’t make you unhealthy or look nasty. Remember Bath is just a comfort not a necessity. If you want to refresh just wash your face and head. It will save a lot of gallons which you waste everyday. You know a typical African family just gets one tenth of the water you waste  in bathing  for their entire day. So save for their cause. It will definatey help.

  • Fourth step : No Newspaper

Common you are not living in old classic age where people have to read newspaper in order to know about the outside world. The technology have advanced a lot. Now you have Television , Internet , Social Networks and many more. You can get every bit of news on them. So why to waste money on a newspaper. If everybody takes Pledge not to purchase newspaper then it will really save millions of trees. So This day its your turn to do.

  • Fifth step: Use online Transaction

You all know That the currency is also made from Paper. So takes to cut a tree to make a paper. But what will happen if everybody will start using credit cards and online payments. An estimate says if every US citizen start using credit cards for their transaction then it will save 19 millions of trees. Now you can imagine what can be the terms for a highly populated countries like India and China . More Over it will also help in reducing the duplicate currency frauds. So its the better and secure way.

  • Sixth step: Use  Green(Clean) Power

You must be familiar with solar and wind energy sources. These sources are so called as Clean power sources coz they are ecofriendly and doesnt create pollution in the environment. You can purchase them . They are not so expensive and they just have some initially cost and very low maintenance . Everything else is free. Most importantly you don’t have to pay the electricity bills. ;-)

  • Seventh step: Become a Volunteer

If you really want to show your love towards the nature. Then their is nothing better than joining other like-minded individuals in a common task. If you have the time, there are lots of opportunities out there to pitch in. Search the internet and  you will find a lot of  NGO’s or other environmental organizations in your area. Check for volunteer opportunities and you will find a lot of environmental related tasks.  If you dont want to trouble a lot then just get in on planting some trees, cleaning up a park, or, if you have some extra time to get some pledges, doing a walk for a “green” charity with other people. Else You’ll find museum programs, festivals, parties in the park and parades  too. Some hands-on fun at a science museum can be a great way to celebrate Earth Day with your family.

  • Eighth step: Switch to CFL

Replace your old power consuming bulbs to CFL’s . They are power saving and have long life. A CFL consumes 2/3 of the power consumed by an ordinary bulb. So its smarter to switch to CFL and throwing your old bulbs. Even some of the governments are making it compulsory to use CFL lamps.

  • Ninth step: Use compost bin

Most of us don’t know but the organic waste like uneaten food and waste vegetables which we usually throw in dust bin can be used to fertilize your Garden. So its better to use a compost bin and through such waste product in it. It just take few hours to make a compost bin . You can make it with woods or with some old trash box. Collect all your organic waste in it and when it fills , dump that organic waste in a pithole add some water  and leave for few days. It will turn that waste into naural fertilizer which you can use in your garden.

  • Tenth step: Extend your work

Just remember doing these things just for one day in whole year will not make a big impact. Nor it will change your careless attitude towards nature. Just keep it going for more different day. It will help in  getting better results . Even in some countries people observe a whole Earth Week.  So make some efforts like that . Try to aware people via seminars or the  best source is through Blogs and websites.  And Thats what I am doing.

Think Green Think Ecofriendly

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