Save Water Save Earth

Water is the most precious and most essential part of our life. We can’t even imagine living. Imagine you are living in a world with no water , think how  weird you will look. Totally dried  , lifeless body with no beauty and shine at all. Even everything in this world would be deserted. But it is the nature of every human. When there is something in excess , it always turns into carelessness.Thats what is actually happening with us. We have got its  availability in loads , So we always try to waste it. We don’t Even Think about its importance and its usefulness in our life.

Even the so called human civilized Habits have developed in such a manner that we consider wasting water as good. When we want to Drink half glass , we fill it with full and throw the remaining. While we Bath we always turn on the tap , no matter how much water is getting out of the bucket. Even some of the people have such an affection with the running water that the put on the taps even after they come out of bathroom just because they love its sound. Some directly speaks , Water is only for wasting , Waste as much as you Can. That sounds totally crazy. One thing more. In almost every department or institution or just say house , you will definitely find one or more than one leaking water tap. Nobody even bothers to replace it or try fix it. Even that is not the limit . Some are always in such a hurry that they never tries to turn off the water taps. Strange!! But True.

I don’t Know why people are having such a mentality . Why they don’t feel the importance of water. Life is nothing without water. People should think that they should save water , not just for there selves  , but for the sake of the needy and neglected one. Those who have to move miles just to get 2-3 gallons of water for their family. Those who smells bad just because they don’t have enough of it to have a bath. Everything comes with thinking and practicing. But if we don’t bother to think how can we practice. So its the demand of the present time  , To better sit and think that how much you waste everyday and how much can you Save.

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